Simon Harriyott

OpenHack 2009 London

I'm very excited about OpenHack this weekend. I had such fun at the last one, and this one is already shaping up to be so much better. Last time I hacked alone, and came up with a utility to visit all the links in a user's account to see if they're still around. The links were listed on the page, and any 404 errors turned the link red. It was all updated in a lovely Ajaxy way too.

OpenHack logo

Fun as it was, I was slightly envious of people who were creating team hacks, so this time I posted a team on the join-a-team page. TCALSS, I am now part of a 4-man team, which I'm very excited about. For a few days, we were a 3-man team, and Jez had suggested we do something with Flickr photos of blue plaques.

Max Miller Blue Plaque

Whilst (independently) looking at plaque photos, Jez and I saw some machine tags of the format openplaques:id=nnn. We both (independently) contacted Frankie, who tagged the photos, and it turns out that he's been working on a personal project around the plaques and, as it happens, he's going to OpenHack too! Happily, Frankie is joining our team, and it's likely that we'll be doing some kind of mobile plaque-hack.

What is also fun, is that three of the four of us are back-end developers, and we use three different platforms, so two of us will be learning some new skills.

Apart from hacking, I'm hoping to meet some new and interesting people, so if you've not met me in person yet, please introduce yourself if you see me.

7 May 2009