Simon Harriyott

Co-working at the Lewes Werks

Today I've been co-working at the brand new Lewes Werks. Co-working means to work in an office with people who are not your colleagues, which is ideal for self-employed people or homeworkers.

It's being run by the same people who run the Brighton Werks, so the philosophy is the same; to provide a shared workspace for creative workers, with an emphasis on the social side of work. There are also two separate rooms that would suit small companies of 4-6 people.

I can turn up with my laptop, and have a break from working from home (which contains builders and children at various times). Once it becomes more established, there will be plenty of people to get to know, share ideas and possible projects, and have a bit of techie chat and office banter, which I do miss.

Lewes Werks logo

The full price list is on the Werks website, but for February only, all co-working is FREE!

There are a few parking spaces, a sandwich shop a few doors away, and a bus stop too, so I'll definitely be going back.
11 February 2009