Simon Harriyott

Free upgrade to Parallels 4.0 for ReMix08 attendees

As well as getting a BizSpark subscription recently, I also got a Microsoft Expression subscription as part of my ticket for ReMix08 in Brighton in September. Tucked away in the subscription was a licence for Parallels. That's cool, and I'm using it. But then recently Parallels 4.0 came out, and it costs money to upgrade.

Ho-hum, version 3 seems fine, but wait, hang on, there's a free upgrade for people who bought Parallels since September. Does my Expression subscription qualify, especially as it was kind of a freebie with the ReMix ticket? Well, if you don't ask, you don't get. So I asked. The asking page said to send a proof of purchase, so I sent a screenshot of my ReMix confirmation email, hoping that would be enough.

The lovely Maria emailed me back, saying that I needed to send a proof of purchase and to ask which version I had purchase. I told her about the subscription from ReMix, and she, oh yes, replied with a licence key. Bless her.

Anyway, I'm yet to download and install it, but I thought I'd let you know, in case you were at ReMix, or have recently bought a subscription containing Parallels, and would like a free upgrade to 4.0.
27 November 2008