Simon Harriyott

Free MSDN licences for microISVs

I came across the BizSpark programme a few weeks ago, and it is super. What happens is, is that Microsoft want to help small new software development companies get going, and are providing free(ish) licenses for practically everything. The requirements for qualification are that your company:

  • Is in the business of software development
  • Is privately held
  • Has been in business for less than 3 years, and
  • Has less than US $1 million in annual revenue.

There are some slight conditions around the definitions, but I applied, as I thought I would qualify with MatchMatix. I turned out that I did qualify, and so I now have three years of MSDN subscription, and (from memory) I pay about $100 after three years. I believe you get one licence per employee, up to a maximum of 24 people.

So I have very excitedly downloaded Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate, SQL Server 2008 and Expression Studio. There are other things that I could download if I were interested, such as Sharepoint, Dynamics, Windows 3.1, Visio, Project and so much else. Thank you Microsoft!
27 November 2008