Simon Harriyott

Sussex Geek Dinner

After a break of 9 months (with the exception of the joint Christmas geek dinner with the girls), I'm glad to say that I've arranged another Sussex geek dinner.

This time, Mike Hadlow will be speaking on "Alternative Architectures: Inversion of Control". In Mike's words:

"I'm going to talk about how to write software, specifically .NET, as a collection of components using a design pattern called 'inversion of control'. It'll include a little bit about why it's good to do this and I'll also show you an eCommerce web site built with these techniques."

It's on 23rd April 2008 at 8pm, at the Black Horse, Church St, Brighton, and you can sign up on

For a couple of years, I used a subdomain of to arrange the geek dinners, but the server crashed, and it isn't back up again yet. After initial concern, I decided to use existing social networks to publicise events, so there's now a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group, an group and a Google groups group. Hopefully that should cover everyone.
27 March 2008