Simon Harriyott

My next contract - a championship football club

Yesterday I started a new software consultancy contract for a championship football club. They are already using MatchMatix, my own micro-ISV software product, for analysing matches and players (in real time). For the next three months I'll be integrating this with a new database and intranet.

As I have full control of the development process, I can choose my own development practices, including test-driven development. It's been a while since I worked anywhere that encouraged TDD, and I'm really enjoying writing a unit test, and then making it pass, and then running the whole suite of tests, and checking they still pass.

I'm also pleased to be using .NET 3.5, so I've rustled up some database access classes with sqlmetal, and I'm using DLinq to call them. I'm planning some WPF action soon too.

You'll be happy to know, that although I will be launching MatchMatix at some point in the near future, this blog won't start going all Joel on Software, and talking lots about the product. If I do mention it, the focus will be on the related technology. When it's appropriate, I'll start a blog on the MatchMatix site where I can trumpet its virtues.
15 January 2008