Simon Harriyott

Visual Studio 2008 Snippets

In Visual Studio 2005, there was a handy snippet to generate a property, which included a private variable and a public get and set, appropriately coded. By typing prop and pressing tab, you got the following, which helped you choose the names:

Snippet for Visual Studio 2005 properties

With VS2008, there is a handy new feature, automatic properties, that work in the same way, but don't need the private member, the return or the assignment. This too has a snippet:

Snippet for Visual Studio 2008 properties

Cool. What's also cool is that you can compile .NET 2.0 projects in VS2008 as well as 3.0 and 3.5 without switching IDEs. So, whilst working on my .NET 2.0 project, I typed prop and tabbed as usual, and got the new snippet. Which didn't compile. A nice touch would have been to have different snippets for different framework versions, automatically selected by the version the project was set to. I'm not sure whether to call this a bug or not, but it is certainly slightly irksome.

5 December 2007