Simon Harriyott

London Girl Geek Dinners on Woman's Hour

My wife mentioned in passing that she listened to Woman's Hour on Radio 4 this morning, and there was an article about the London girl geek dinners, interviewing the organiser and hostess, the lovely Sarah Blow. I thought Sarah came across very well, and it shows what a good job she's done, not only organising the London events, but also being involved with starting girl geek dinners in other areas.

Eileen Brown, who I've known of for years, but never met, was interviewed too, and spoke about women's roles in the IT industry.

Despite the piece being slightly patronising ("it may only be a matter of time before the world sees the first female Bill Gates"), it was a good overview to raise the profile both of the event, and of women in technology. You can listen to it on the BBC website for the next 6 days, just shy of 15 minutes into the show.
9 November 2007