Simon Harriyott

What Simon did next

Last week I started a short contract at Cubeworks in Brighton. I'm enjoying it so far, for a number of reasons:
  1. They use subversion. Although I use it for my personal projects, I've not used it "at work" before. Much better than SourceSafe.
  2. I'm learning new things. So far I've worked with UFO, control adapters and jQuery (never used it before, despite organising a geek dinner on the subject).
  3. A calm project manager. I joined just before an immovable deadline, so the team have been working evenings and weekends, and the project manager has remained outwardly calm, polite, organised and rational.
  4. They use proper organisational tools, such as FogBugz, Basecamp, and a web-based timesheet.
  5. I'm working with someone I used to work with at Friday-Ad.
  6. The other developers and designers are clever, sociable and helpful. There's a good team atmosphere.
  7. The office overlooks the pier - a view even better than Pippingford.

View of Brighton pier from Cubeworks' office
Photo by Simon Booth.
31 October 2007