Simon Harriyott

Quechup Fallout

I thought I had got away with it, but I clearly haven't. Quechup were so busy spamming people that it took 12 hours to get round to my contacts - all 395 of them. I emailed everyone in my contact list to apologise, and warn not to sign up, and the following has happened:

  1. I've had lots of out of office replies.
  2. I've had lots of Mail Delivery Subsystem permanent failures
  3. Many people have replied thanking me for the warning, or telling me it wasn't a problem, even people I don't know at all.
  4. Some of these people (who I don't converse with regularly) have used this as an opportunity to start a conversation. [If it's you, I'll get round to replying soon].
  5. Someone has invited me out for a beer
  6. I enjoyed the irony of knowing I've spammed a few recruiters (although I would never do it intentionally).
  7. Colin blogged about it
  8. I got Quechup invites from about four of my contacts. You know what that means >:-(
  9. I've felt the most embarrassment, humility and anger since goodness knows when
  10. Having re-read an invite, I realised that they not only spammed my contacts, they lied to them too, and worse still, lied about me; "You received this because Simon Harriyott ([email protected]) knows and agreed to invite you.". I guess I could sue them.

Ho hum.
4 September 2007