Simon Harriyott

First week at Madgex

I've finished my first week contracting for Madgex, and it's been all good so far. The people have been, without exception, really friendly. They go to the pub after work on a Friday, and I haven't heard anyone bitch about anyone else yet, which I love. I've worked in too many places where there's been nasty comments about people who can't hear what's being said about them. It's been quite the opposite, in fact. Several times people have praised their colleagues (including the bosses) for their skill, attitude and character.

There are some very clever and talented people there. They verticalise skills more than anywhere else I've worked, so I've met someone who designs the websites and puts them into photoshop. He doesn't do any HTML or CSS, there are other people who are expert at that, and they don't do any coding.

I like that, as although I know HTML and CSS, and write table-less designs, I don't do enough of it to know what to do with different browsers, and how to get round the various issues. I know don't have the responsibility for getting all that correct, and I can concentrate on the back-end code.

My first major project will be something very similar to what I worked on at my last contract, right down to the social issues around a particular feature. I'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

Working in the centre of Brighton is brilliant. I have so many options for buying lunch, and a beach to eat it on. Any shopping I need to do is covered. Much better than Sayers Common! I've found somewhere to park that's free, which is a 10-15 minute walk to the office, so I am finally getting some daily exercise in my routine.

Lastly, there's table football. I loved playing it at Friday-Ad, as it's a great way to get to know people, and lots of fun. The table is different, so I'm going to need time to adjust. More people play too, so it will take longer to suss out their tricks and defend against them. I've not embarrassed myself with it so far.

In conclusion, I'm very happy to be at Madgex, and I'd like to publicly thank Jane for setting me up to work here. Bless you.
2 September 2007