Simon Harriyott

I want one of those

There are two problems I'm trying to solve

  1. I often forget to bring my camera to things, and regret it when I see a really interesting person or thing worth taking a picture of. Sometimes I am going somewhere where a camera just isn't usable, like driving along a motorway.
  2. I have a video camera, but I rarely use it. I seldom remember to bring it with me when I go to important places, and if I do, I can never be bothered to set it up when I think something interesting or funny is about to happen. If I do set it up, what ensues isn't necessarily all that interesting or funny after all. The interesting or funny things happen when I am not with video camera.

So, what I want to do is record everything I'm looking at, 24/7, and then keep the interesting bits. Then I can extract the best bits as photos or videos, and put them on Flickr, GooTube or a DVD.

As I wear glasses, I guess a glasses-mounted camera (or two) would be the best solution. To cope with the data storage, I would probably need to carry part of the device in my pocket, which would communicate with the spexcam with bluetooth or something.

The main problem will be finding the best bits of the video. I don't want to spend every evening searching through the whole day to find where I saw Ian Hislop getting on a train, so I need to tag that moment in time so I can find it later. I would like to tag this by speaking. I would like to take photos by speaking too. Or by clicking my fingers, or some other gesture.

When I have "taken" a photo, it needs to be geo-tagged, so a GPS thing needs to be integrated into the pocket thing. I also need to be able to search the audio, so when my wife asks me what somebody said, I can then replay a part of the conversation. The pocket bit of the device will have voice recognition so the video can be searched and transcribed.

The device will also have OCR so any signs or documents I glance at will be fully converted to text for easy searching.

I obviously need the ultimate security, ooh, and something that detects when I unzip my flies, so it stops recording. I don't want it recording me on the loo, or when I go to bed.

I need it to integrate with my mobile, so it can record my calls too. And sync with my PC. And be always connected to the internet somehow.

I'd like to be able to replay sections of the video on one of the lenses of the glasses, and edit it using voice commands. For example, when I saw Ian Hislop get on a train, I would have tagged it by saying "Video Ian". So, to edit it, I would navigate to the tagged point, rewind by 30 seconds to get the build up, play it for a minute, and then send it to YouTube, and to my wife, who would be slightly impressed. I'd send it to her glasses, so she could watch it on her lens.

I'm fairly sure most of the technology to do this has already been invented. The outstanding problems are:

    1. Size - disk space for recording a day's worth of video probably won't fit in my pocket.


    1. Battery life. Probably a subset of size, but getting a battery to do all this is for a day isn't going to fit in my pocket.


  1. OK, so it might all be possible, but I wouldn't be able to afford it yet.

Still, they must be solvable soon, right? Make it so, let me know.

19 August 2007