Simon Harriyott

I Love Freelancing!

So it's only my third day, but I'm having a ball! I've got three weeks of freelance work, and I'm working from a spare room in our church office in Uckfield. Well, what do I love about it so far?
  1. Walking to work. Never done that before
  2. Working in the town centre. Not done that before either.
  3. Choosing my hours to suit my mood.
  4. Having a customer, not a boss.

Number 3 is probably the best one. I went to visit my client yesterday, which involved a couple of hours each way on the train. On the way back I got so much coding done. I was in the zone. When I got off the train, I popped into a restaurant for an hour and had a coffee and carried on coding. I did another hour after my wife had gone to bed. As I'd racked up so many hours and so much code yesterday, I felt no pressure to get up early to meet an arbitrary start time, so I didn't start until 10am today.

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3 August 2007