Simon Harriyott

Developer Day 5

Yesterday's developer day was really good. I saw some excellent presentations about things I wouldn't have looked at otherwise. The session about evolutionary algorithms was particularly good, as was making two telephones ring with one line of code.

The multi-threading at the end was quite hard going - it could have done with some demos. Actually, there might have been some later on; I left early to go to a party. This meant I missed the geek dinner too, which was a shame.

I bought a book - Steve McConnell's book on software estimation. I keep finding myself being asked to estimate how long coding will take, and I'm rubbish at it. This book should make more difference to me than one on .NET 3 or something.

I had a brief chat to Dave McMahon at lunch, and found myself on his podcast. I've not been on a podcast before, so I hope I don't sound like an eejit.

Big thanks to the team who organise DDD. They're really good at following up on feedback, so each DDD is better than the last. This time I noticed that the grok talks had a microphone and a bigger screen. Next time I hope I won't have to sit on the floor to watch them...

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1 July 2007