Simon Harriyott

HackDay London - Part 11 of n

The presentations are about to start. I'm up early, which is good, as I want jet early so I can see my children as it's Father's day.

I've just seen a group hack on Jeremy Keith's laptop, which looks super good. There are some Jedi skills going on in that team. It's all gradients and graphics and stuff. I, however, merely changed the H1 title tag to orange, and introduced a beige line below the boxes. I'm glad it's not a competition...

Talking of which, it looks like I won the post-it game. Tom's hack was just about working right before lunch, and it showed my name at the top with 7 points, way above Cristiano's 3. [Look out John]

I'm rather nervous about standing up on stage and showing my hack to a large roomful of extremely talented hackers, especially as the API has pretty much kicked my server off for good.

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17 June 2007