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I was complimented today

I think it was meant merely as an observation, but I took it as a compliment. The guy who writes the spec I'm working from said that I look at the website "from a user's viewpoint". I'm really pleased he said that, as I have been working on that recently.

Update: Hugh's got some thoughts on the matter.

User Cartoon

I've recently made some usability suggestions, which work really well: firstly, the link that opens a popup window starts off as a link to a normal page, and then with unobtrusive JavaScript (which I learnt about from Jeremy Keith's excellent DOM Scripting book) adds an onclick event that, when clicked, opens the popup window. If JavaScript is disabled, the link still works, and opens the page normally. I've also dispensed with the "printer-friendly" page, instead using the @media print CSS thing to hide the navigation, search box, banner ads etc. so the printed version is much cleaner. Just how the printer-friendly version would look, in fact, but much quicker to write.

Something else I used from Jeremy 's book is the image gallery. There was an image gallery in the spec, and there was one in his book. Thanks Jeremy! This again returns to the server if JavaScript is disabled or the browser doesn't support it, but dynamically changes the images if it can.

I guess I spend a fair bit of time being annoyed by hard-to-use websites, or even just little things on generally good websites, so I try to spot things that would annoy me if I was the user.

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2 April 2007