Simon Harriyott

Sussex Geek Dinner with Geoff Adams

Last night's was the ninth geek dinner I've hosted now, and the busiest yet, with 30 people turning up. I reckon I could squeeze two more in, so I've updated the upcoming page for the next one (which already has 30 booked in).

I'm having to accept that I just can't talk to everyone now. There was about two hours after the talk finished, which would mean just 4 minutes with each person. I plumped for quality over quantity, and had a really good chat with Jez Nicholson, who I met at right at the end of the last geek dinner.

Jez and I are both into the same fantasy football website, which is great from a data point of view, but would definitely benefit from being a whole lot more "web 2.0". I would really like RSS feeds of players' injuries or suspensions so I would know to make a substitution.

I met Adam Khan, who's recently moved to Brighton from Italy, and Andy White, who volunteered to speak at a future dinner. I've now got speakers for the next three geek dinners, which is great.
1 March 2007