Simon Harriyott

First day at first contract

And it was a good one. The people were all nice (that I spoke to), the coding standards were sensible, the code was laid out nicely and the project structure was good. The people I spoke to all seem competent and (just as importantly) helpful. They use FogBugz rather than TestTrackPro. The meeting was short and focused. I signed off three bugs already. There was another contractor started today too, who also had a tablet PC with him (I like him already!).

OK, they were the good things, but there were a couple of not-so-good things. I found some HTML markup (<b> tags) in the business logic layer, and a div's background image that was a complete rounded box - i.e. fixed size, not a separate top and bottom, so increasing the browser's text size pushed the text outside the box. I'd be worried about myself if I couldn't find something though. Oh, and SourceSafe.

It's a little bit annoying being a new boy and having to ask all the basic questions about where things are, what to put in check-in comments, bug reports etc, but I'll soon be over that.

I feel at home already, but then I do whenever I move house or go on holiday. I'm going to miss some of my old colleagues, but I'll see them at the reunion soon.
12 March 2007