Simon Harriyott

I'm Job Hunting (and I'm not alone)

Shocking news this week, the company I work for announced they are closing my office in May. There's over 20 of us affected by the closure, and anyone that doesn't want to apply for (and get) jobs in head office (50 miles away) will be made redundant.

I've been a developer for 11 years, and I've been writing a .NET 2.0 Windows forms app and an ASP.NET 2.0 web framework for the last two years or so. Amongst the team now job hunting are other .NET developers, some testers and some technical supporters. I can recommend them all without reservation. I have been truly blessed to work with such good people.

Strangely, I'm quite excited by the idea of working somewhere else, and I think I might start contracting. My main reason for permanent work was job security, which now doesn't seem much of a reason. My main issue for contracting is that I'm on 2 months notice, so I can't just find a contract and start on it. If I can get a permanent job close to Uckfield, I may take it, but Uckfield is no Silicon Valley.

So, dear readers, there are several ways in which you may like to respond:
  1. If you'd like to offer me (or talk to me about) a nearby job, please do.
  2. If you're interested in employing one of my colleagues, email me details of the job and I'll pass them on.
  3. If you can offer me any tips about becoming a contractor, particularly in Sussex, please email me or comment below.

Of course, any sympathy, reassurance and meaningless platitudes left in the comments will be most welcome too.
11 January 2007