Simon Harriyott

Competition Time! Win a Twenty Quid Amazon Gift Voucher!

OK, so I'm going to start a limited company for when I become a contractor. Part of the contracting plan is to save up and have a couple of months off here and there, and finish some of the various software products I'm in the middle of in order to sell them. I'll sell them through the limited company, so I've got everything nicely contained.

I don't want an off-the-shelf company name, as two contractors I know have ended up with "FileWeb" and "Normal Consultancy". Julia came up with "Softly Software", which I quite liked, until I realised that is unavailable.

So this leads into the competition. I'd like you to suggest a company name that I can use. If I use yours, or something clearly derived from it, then you are the winner, and you get the goodies. To enter, just leave a comment, with your name and the company name. I'll need to get in touch with you if you win, so you could link to your blog, or contact page, or leave your email address, or email me privately (in addition to the comment).

  1. You may enter as many times as you like
  2. You may only suggest names that you think I'll actually use
  3. If I'm offended by your suggestion, I'll delete your comment
  4. You may live anywhere
  5. Friends and family of mine are welcome to enter
  6. If no entries are chosen for the company name, then nobody wins the voucher.
  7. Closing date: noon GMT on Feb 6th 2007

  1. The names I've liked so far are "Softly Software" (domain unavailable) and "Elephant Development" (bit of a mouthful).
  2. Your name is more likely to win if the .com domain (without punctuation) is still available. (n.b. I'll buy the domain before announcing the winner).
  3. Names with more than four words are unlikely to win
  4. I like rhyming, spoonerisms, puns, proverbs, word-play and general grammatic cleverness
  5. Existing company or blog names will be unlikely to win

OK, good luck! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
30 January 2007