Simon Harriyott

Brighton Girl Geek Dinner

Last night was the first Brighton Girl Geek Dinner, and it was excellent. Jane's written a good review of the evening, so I won't repeat it.

Personally, I enjoyed the role reversal. Being male, I was the in the minority at a tech event for the first time ever, and although intimidating is probably too strong a word, I felt a little uneasy at times. As I'm male, middle class and white, I'm not used to being a minority (at least in Uckfield), so I'm glad I experienced it (slightly). Also, I was more hesitant about chatting to strangers than usual, as approaching girls in a pub has "connotations".

It was good meeting the organisers in person, as we've been emailing each other since the event was announced. I had already met Ruby at the Ribot Users' Group meeting last week. A nice bunch, and hopefully they'll all make it tonight.

Jane's also set me a challenge to improve tonight's Sussex geek dinner. I have one improvement planned over our last one - a radio mic. We're also going to attempt recording Mikel's talk too. As for colour-printed name badges, information sheet and guest book, I don't think I'll have time. The food won't be as good either, as it's free (last night's food was paid for by the sponsors, and was delicious).

On the way home, I did contemplate the differences between the recent SGDs and the BGGD, and wondered if I should emulate the far more professional BGGD. My initial conclusion was that I shouldn't. It doesn't take up too much of my time, and there's no money changing hands, which makes it easier for me to manage. (The last thing I organised was a beetle drive when I was 10.)

There's only me organising the SGD, whereas BGGD has four organisers. I guess I should recruit a helper if I decide sponsorship and posh nosh is the way forward, and they can sort that out. For the moment, I think I'll leave it be, as it seems to work for the majority of guests. Any suggestions are welcome though...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tonight, and Mikel's talk in particular.
17 January 2007