Simon Harriyott

The Big Job Hunt

The job hunting is great fun. I've posted my CV to a couple of sites, and contacted the most excellent Andy Hammond from Siptus, who got me this job.

I've been bombarded with phone calls from agencies, and my favourite was from a lady who told me I shouldn't have posted my CV on jobsites, and just use one agent (her), not that she calls herself an agent, and that I wasn't good enough for investment banking, and that she deals with lots of places in the city. I'm not looking for a job in the city, so why she even called was a mystery, but it was a fun conversation trying not to laugh!

A good thing about us all being told at the same time is that we don't have to be surreptitious with agency phone calls and say "Hi Mum" to the agents. We've also been passing job specs around and recommending people.

Thanks to Helen, Ian and Sven, who saw my last post and gave me some job details. One of the jobs was entirely suitable for a guy in the team, who's got a "dentist appointment" with them soon.

There's a real team spirit here, which I've only seen in the 2001 floods and the 1987 gales, where we're all clubbing together in the face of a large problem.
12 January 2007