Simon Harriyott

Training course: Developing TLA applications for CV approval

You will learn how to:
  • Use the common technologies mentioned on job adverts.
  • Get more interviews with little or no technical improvement.
  • Overcome the "number of years" trap.
  • Beat the recruiter's HR department at their own game.
Course benefits
  • TLA technologies offer unprecedented opportunites for integrated software development. This hands-on course provides the minimum skills required to create applications using TLA (provided the applications just read values from a database).
  • YAFLA certification on 3 year day course.
Who should attend
  • Skilled developers who still write code in Java, C++ or other deeply unfashionable language.
  • Unskilled programmers using previously fashionable technologies such as JSP, ColdFusion or "classic" ASP.
  • Anyone wanting an interview at a large corporation.
Hands on training

During this course, you perform extensive exercises that provide in-depth hands-on experience, including:
  • Following the instructions on the hand-out to open the editor.
  • Typing text from the hand-out into the editor.
  • Following the instructions on the hand-out to compile and run the application.
  • Writing your CV to match the requirements in common job advertisements.
  • Considerations of "x years" calculations: elapsed time (number of years since first hearing of TLA) vs. total hours working with TLA (factoring in the time you would have spent on TLA had you not been working with other things).
Course duration
  • 1 day per year for 2, 3, or 4 years, depending on what the advert specifies. If they want 3 years experience, then you will have had experience in 3 different years.

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23 October 2006