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Geek-out time

I had an interesting chat with Tom Morris on the way back from the geek dinner last night. I asked him about all the OPML stuff he's doing at the moment, and there is quite a lot. He's got another thing going on at the mo (that's about as specific as I can get!), plus his uni work, and prolific blog writing. I asked him how he fitted it all in, and he said that he has 3 hours on the train each day.

Suddenly, getting the train into London seemed quite appealing. If I'm lucky, I can get 3 hours a week of geek-out time. I've got a couple of things on the go, but I've also got to squeeze in emails and the occasional blog post, and my evenings are quite busy. Still, I can walk Toby to school before work, and I get home in time for the four of us to eat dinner together, which I wouldn't get if I had 3 hours of commute. And that's the trade-off I chose nine years ago.

I was offered two jobs at the same time. One in Islington and one in Nutley, two hours away and 10 minutes away respectively. I chose Nutley over Islington, life over commute, and I'm glad I did. My current job is further away - 15 minutes - but living in rural Sussex, I'm lucky to find any development work at all. Despite having very little geek time, I'm very happy with my life choices. Still, I do get a little envious when I see what Tom's up to. I'll have plenty of geek time though, when the children are teenagers and don't want to hang out with their geeky old Dad.

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5 October 2006