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VBUG Security Talk - Robert Schifreen

Last night's VBUG presentation in Brighton was interesting. Robert Schifreen, original hacker turned security expert, poached egg turned shepherd's pie, etc. Robert's actions in the early 80s were largely responsible for the introduction of the computer misuse act 1990.

It was a really interesting talk, flitting easily between topics, which included AOL's leaking of search results, public security cameras, wifi security, social engineering and inside jobs.

Surprisingly, there were only 8 attendees (2 of which left because it wasn't what they thought it was). Had there been more, there would have been a prize draw for the books donated by INETA. However, there wasn't, so we all got to choose one each. I chose Writing Secure Code, as it has been on my list of books to get round to reading, and it seemed somewhat apt for the evening's topic.

Next week I finally get to see Barry Dorrans' website hacking presentation. 'Bout time.

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6 September 2006