Simon Harriyott

Using GreaseMonkey with TestTrack Pro

Our web-based bug tracking software, TestTrack Pro, has a session timeout of 20 minutes. I'd love it to be longer (or infinite), but we have only a few licenses, so having a timeout means that we can all use it, albeit frustratingly at times.

The frustration comes when opening an easy-to-fix bug, fixing the bug, checking it in, and then going to mark it as fixed in TestTrack Pro. Pressing the "development complete" link invariably shows a login screen. Hmph.

Not only is it a login screen, but there's a drop down list of destinations. Obviously the one I want isn't the default, so I have to select the right one before logging in.

I finally got utterly tired of this, so I wrote a quick and dirty GreaseMonkey script to enter my user name and password, choose the correct link, and activate the OK button. This now means that after a timeout, I have only two clicks (and no typing) to go back to where I should be.

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15 September 2006