Simon Harriyott

SourceSafe and branching in Visual Studio

Branching an entire solution in SourceSafe has a little gotcha. If you open the solution in Visual Studio, the solution file is bound to the branch in SourceSafe, but the contents of the solution file are unchanged. This means that the paths to the SourceSafe projects still refer to the "trunk", which can be mighty confusing. Fortunately, a workaround exists.

Open the branched solution in Visual Studio, and do File -> Source Control -> Change Source Control. Look at the server bindings. The solution file is bound correctly to the branched project, but the projects are bound to the trunk. For each of the projects, click "Unbind", reselect it (yes, the row changes after unbinding), and click bind. Select the correct project in the resultant dialog, and OK. The bindings are now correct, and you should be able to check in and out of the branch directly from Visual Studio.

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17 August 2006