Simon Harriyott

The Joy of Test

It's been a week of testing. I spent most of the week setting up two PCs with the latest modules for the testers to hammer. It's generally working so far - a couple of biggies, but mostly cosmetics. I thought I'd be all distraught whenever a bug showed up, but I'm actually really pleased, as every one that's caught is one less that the customer gets to see. And the testers are so much better at it than me.

Interestingly, today I spent an hour testing another project - one I hadn't worked on. It was maddening! Some pages took ages, didn't find the data I was expecting, and the layout could have been better. See, I'm sounding like a tester - listing the problems. However, there was benefit on two levels. Firstly, I got to fill out a feedback form with my observations, which will be fed back into the product. Secondly, I got to experience a little glimpse of what it's like being a tester.

They're welcome to it. All respect to them, it's an important job, and they do it very well. I'm just glad I don't have to do it. I'll remember that hour every time I submit code to the testers in future!

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4 August 2006