Simon Harriyott

The crowd goes wild!

I'm not usually one to join in with memes, let alone start one, but now I'm going to attempt to: I want to know what your best coding moment was. The one where, had it been a spectator sport, the crowd would be screaming your name, throwing flowers, waving flags with your face on it and taking photos of your greatest moment.

All of us have great stories to tell, and achieved great things, often under high pressure or late at night, but generally nobody notices, or takes much of an interest. If someone does, then modesty dictates that you must say things like "I was just doing my job", "It wasn't hard, it was just a case of ..." or "Anyone could have done it". Well, I'm interested. I want to hear your war stories. It's time to be proud of what you've done. Get some recogition for your effort, skill, wisdom, cunning, and well, sheer brilliance. Big yourself up.

So, your best coding achievement please. Either leave a comment, or post to your own blog and link here.
2 August 2006