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SourceSafe can't leave well alone

So the RTM version of SourceSafe has a irritating "feature". When getting the latest version of a directory, if you have a writeable version of a file, SourceSafe offers two options: overwrite it with the checked in version, or check out the file.

Before screen shot

I want to do neither. I would like to just leave it as it is, and move on. The dialog has even has the option there to leave it, but it is tantalisingly disabled. If only I could enable it. If only..

Well, it turns out that I could. I had to write a little app to do it, but it does it. This app has a single button: "Enable Leave Button". It locates the radio button on the dialog, and enables it. I can then click the radio button, and click and OK, and it does actually leave the file alone. It doesn't overwrite the file; it doesn't check it out.

So here's what the dialog looks like after clicking the "Enable Leave Button" button:

Before screen shot

Fantastic. I love being a geek. I've made this little app available for you to download from here, if you have this problem too. I've got some plans for it, but it works at the moment. You'll need the .NET framework version 2.0, which I assume you'll have, as you probably installed it with the offending version of SourceSafe.

[Update: I've posted the source code.]

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8 July 2006