Simon Harriyott

My TC4200 tablet PC at Developer Day

I went on holiday just after DDD, so I haven't had a chance to blog until now. I took my tablet PC along, partly to try it out in earnest, partly to make sure I keep my notes, and a little tiny bit of wanting to look like the geeky one in a room full of geeks.

It worked really well. As the sessions were in darkened rooms, I dimmed the screen to minimum, and it was still usefully visible. I turned the tablet off between sessions and at lunch. These two steps ensured that the battery lasted all day, around 5 hours worth.

I took about 14 pages of notes, writing by hand. Writing is a lot quieter than typing, so I didn't feel like I was disturbing people too much. It was handy for drawing diagrams too.

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21 June 2006