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Most self-destructive recruiter I have encountered

Today I was spammed by Kathryn (Katie) Sainsbury, a recruiter from Jump IT. Recruiter spam in itself is not unusual. Compared with usual recruiter spam though, there were several unusual things:

  • The job was actually in my area
  • The job seems to fit with my skills
  • The salary was £5k more than I'm currently earning
  • The hideous colours and UPPER CASE

Job advert - hideous colours
[Colleagues, please note that I am not looking for a job at the moment.]

Although not looking for a job, it is so rare to find anything in Sussex, needing my skills, and paying £5k more than my (already good) salary, that I decided to phone, despite the awfulness of the email.

I got straight through to Katie, and told her that I had just got her email, and could she please tell me more about the position.
She told me that she needed my latest CV before she could tell me.
I pointed out that she had seen my CV on jobsite, which is why she emailed me.
No, she needed me to email her my latest CV. It's company policy.
It's not up to date, and I don't want to spend a couple of hours making it so, on the off-chance. If the job was any good, then I might update it.
Sorry, No.
I just want to know what part of West Sussex, as I wouldn't be interested in travelling too far.
No, I can't give you any more details, because other recruiters phone us pretending to be job-seekers.


So, let me get this straight. Katie sends me a mass-mailed job ad, and against all odds, I actually phone her (I've done that only one other time in the last 18 months). Instead of trying to persuade me to apply for the job, or even answer one, single, vague question, she accuses me of being a recruiter in disguise! Sorry Katie, you've missed your chance. I'm not job hunting, but I never say never. You did have a slim chance, but you blew it.

Anyway, I appreciate that this isn't Katie's fault, as it is company policy. So, a couple of recommendations. Firstly, to Katie's client, I recommend chatting to Andy at Siptus, as I don't think your current recruiter's policy is helping you. Secondly, to Katie, I recommend talking to Andy from Siptus, and see if he has any positions available to you.

From Jump IT's website:

"We believe the combination of sound recruitment methodologies and well defined business processes, along with the obvious advantages in people networking, provides our clients with an unparalleled level of expertise across IT that enables us to find and place the right person."


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28 June 2006