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Bloglines Feedback, er Freedback

Bloglines are asking for feedback freedback about bloglines. The idea (originally Chris Pirillo's) is that they'll pick up the term "freedbacking" and their product name, "bloglines", and get feedback for free.

I met someone from bloglines after a panel at SxSW. I gave her some feedback then, which she said was useful, but I've not heard anything about it since. To be fair, she didn't write it down, so she may well have had no intention of implementing my suggestion, or even passing it on.

So I'll repeat it here, and see if it works, and how quickly.

I use bloglines every day, for reading around 242 feeds, which are mostly blogs, a few searches and a few email subscriptions. Generally, it is excellent, and I like it a lot. A massive improvement for me would be to make the "my feeds" section skinable, or at least be able to change the font / styles. I prefer reading articles with a serif font, such as Georgia, and I don't really like the turquoise either, as it's a bit cold. I'd like to be able to change it to a warm, dark red, or a lively purple.

I realise that I could do this with greasemonkey, but I've got better things to do (like, er, writing about how I could do this in greasemonkey).

Anyway blogliners, can you do this for me?

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28 June 2006