Simon Harriyott

New spam game

I found a rare specimen in my GMail inbox just now - a spam email. It "cleverly" contained a passage from a novel. I've seen one other example of novel spam, but this time I thought I could identify where it came from. I googled the character's name, Sergey Ivanovitch, which confirmed I was correct - it was from Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina".

I mention this not because I'm impressed with the novel approach taken by the spammer (pun fully intended), nor because it is now noteworthy that Google didn't pick it up as spam, but merely to alert you to the fact that, despite evidence to the contrary, I am slightly cultured.

Anyway, this could be quite an interesting game to play with your friends. If you receive any novel spam, email your friends one at a time until a) somebody identifies it, or b) you lose all your friends.

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15 May 2006