Simon Harriyott

London geek dinner with Marc Canter

Marc was on fine form, talking about his "People Aggregator", which will be out in a couple of months. From what I gathered, this will take all your content from your social networking accounts (Live Journal, Yahoo!, Bebo etc.) and aggregate them. If, for example, you have three different friends lists, these can be aggregated into one. All this is done through the public APIs, so if a site doesn't have one, then it can't be aggregated. It sounds good, and I'll probably try it when it goes live.

I met some new people, including Lars Plougmann, who met my boss recently, and Tom Morris, who I travelled back with on the train. He showed me Dave Winer's OPML editor, which looks really cool. Having said recently that I didn't quite get the point of OPML reading lists, seeing Tom's lists made it clearer - it's about subjects, not blogrolls. Due to Dave Winer falling out with someone, Tom gets to do a presentation about it at a conference in the states (can't remember which one).

Walid has found a developer for his review / maps site, which he expects to be out in a couple of weeks. Hopefully at the next geek dinner it will be live. Had a chat with Nick Swan about microformats, in which we concluded that they are easy to write, hard to read.

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2 May 2006