Simon Harriyott

List of developer tools

One of my colleagues has remarked on my array of handy free tools that help with development, and life in general. So, here's what I use, and why:
  • Reflector. For viewing the source code of assemblies, and checking the version of referenced assemblies.
  • Less MSIérables. View the contents of an installer or merge module. I've changed it so the files are in alphabetic order, and highlighted duplicate files (a common problem for me).
  • Notepad2. Like notepad, only with syntax colouring, word wrap and other good stuff.
  • World's 2nd simplest code generator. For smaller tasks where CodeSmith would be too much.
  • AutoCopier. Something I wrote to copy assemblies to other directories as soon as they're built. I might release this to the world somewhen.
  • Process Explorer. An alternative to task manager, which (amongst many other things) shows which DLLs are loaded by an executable.
  • SlickRun. A quick way of launching programs, files and websites from one small place.
  • BGInfo. Display system settings on desktop wallpaper.
  • Cropper. For creating screenshots without using a graphics program.
Many of these I found through Scott Hanselman's list, which is way bigger than mine.

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9 May 2006