Simon Harriyott

I feel really thick tonight

I've inherited a client's PHP / MySQL / PHP Nuke website, and I've not used these technologies before (I'm a .NET / SQL Server guy). I successfully installed PHP and MySQL a couple of weeks ago (older versions, it seems), and downloaded the source from the web server. I managed a database backup from the server too (there was an option on the PHP nuke admin page).

Tonight I've been trying to actually get the thing running, having no idea where to start. I don't know the simplest things about MySQL, like where do I type the SQL? What is the equivalent of Enterprise Manager? I've answered the first, and hopefully not answered the second. Usually with software, I can download it, fire it up, and make a pretty good guess of how it works. This time I've had to read the manual quite a lot, which I guess is a good thing.

Anyway, I've just restored the backup onto my installation, and I've got a different PHP error, so I've clearly been successful. Now I've just got to fix this error, and see what happens next. When I actually get this all running, then I can start making it look pretty.

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14 May 2006