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My name is in a book

I bought Robert Scoble and Shel Israel's Naked Conversations book, partly because I read the blog about it in the early days, partly because I'm a blogger myself, and partly because I think EurotaxGlass's should have a blogger or two talking about what we do, what we should be doing, and the industry in general, and the book could be useful in motivating someone to start blogging. I'm not really supposed to write about my employer on this blog, but more about that on a future post.

Anyway, I'd read a couple of chapters, and remembered that I'd posted a comment on the book's blog that pointed out a grammatical error in one of the early draft chapters. There was an acknowledgement blog post later on thanking everyone who'd contributed, and my name was listed. Having remembered this, I turned to the back of the book, to see if there was an acknowledgements section, and there was. It had my name in it! I had no idea that my name would be in it when I bought it (if I did, I would have bought it ages ago!).

This is a big deal for me, as my name hasn't been published in printed material since I won the Fletching junior pancake race when I was a child, and I was mentioned in the Sussex Express. I haven't written a book, or done or said anything that anyone else would want to put in their book since. And it's a really good book. And I'm childishly excited about my name being in it. Anyway, enough of my foolish ego; normal programming will resume shortly.

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7 April 2006