Simon Harriyott

Microformats - ancestors

I've recently been getting into the technical side of genealogy. My mother and her friend have catalogued most of the grave inscriptions in the local churchyard, and I've put them online.

I've had a quick look around some of the other genealogy sites, and it seems that there are a few proprietary databases and file formats involved; I haven't found a clear standard yet. I've noticed that there are a couple of people in our database that are on other genealogy sites, but each of us have different details, so I would like to link to the other in such a way as to show that they are the same person.

I thought that a new microformat would be in order for ancestor records. It's just an idea at this stage (i.e. I haven't thought it through yet), but an ancestor seems to be a combination of a person and three events (birth, marriage and death). Using a combination of the existing hCard and hCalendar microformats, I think it could be done. The interesting problem would be the relationship between two people. As I said, it's just an idea at the moment, and needs thinking about properly. Any ideas Nick?
6 April 2006