Simon Harriyott

Making my sites web standards compliant

Having read Andy Budd's excellent CSS Mastery book, and heard loads about web standards at SxSW, I'm all motivated to make all my sites compliant. I had a first effort with a fixed layout on my (recently disbanded) band's site, which worked well.

My next challenge is this site, The first step, I decided, was to get the homepage to validate, which I've just done. There were 47 warnings beforehand, and now there are none. A couple of the warnings were from the Flickr-created posts, so I'll have to watch those in future. I guess I'll need to go through my 237 blog posts to make sure they all validate. I've got a handy firefox extension that puts a green tick on the toolbar for valid pages, so I just have to visit each one once to know.

Ultimately, I'll change the template to be either an elastic or liquid layout, as described in the book. Once I've got some really good, stable, compliant HTML, then I'll start on making it look prettier. My previous design looked OK, but I kept adding sidebar junk, which made the whole thing look cluttered, so I cleared it all out, and went for a minimal look. Now I think it looks too stark, so I want to do a friendly, warm sort of design next.

When I've done that, I'll update my client's sites (for free of course), and then I can relax.

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21 April 2006