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London Geek Dinner

I'm just back from another geek dinner, which was great. Having won a trip to South by South West at the last one, I felt it was only fair not to enter the competition tonight.

I met some new and interesting people: Walid Al Saqqaf and his associate Socrates were good fun and really easy to talk too. Walid coyly admitted that his main motivation for coming was to try to recruit an AJAX / mashup developer for their startup, which I actually think is an excellent reason for coming. I said that I'd mention the job on my blog, so I have. I assume the job is in London, although I didn't catch where. I think he said that the developer would also be a partner of the company too. If you're interested in getting in early, or know someone else that might, get in touch with him - walid [at] citytonic [dot] com.

I had a really interesting chat with Diana from Blue Cycle. She's a developer working on an auction site that sells written off cars from insurance companies (Norwich Union in particular), which sounds like a competitor to our eSalvage product. I don't work on eSalvage, so I don't know if they do the same job or not. I was very surprised to meet someone working in the same industry as me though.

I was hoping Nick Swan would be there, as he (like me) has been getting into microformats. There aren't that many microformats about yet, and I had an idea for a new one that I would have liked to discuss with him - ancestor records. I guess we'll have to have the discussion on email or our respective blogs.

I was pleasantly surprised that Barry Dorrans was there, although he's not himself at the moment, and left early. Anyway, another really good evening - thanks to Ian Forrester and the ever-absent Lee Wilkins for arranging it, and Ben Metcalfe for stepping in to manage things.

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6 April 2006