Simon Harriyott

Does advertising work? Just didn't

I saw this on a cab recently: "Does advertising work? Just did!!!", and I was irritated by it.

Does advertising work

It is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, it clearly doesn't work, or they'd have a paid advert on the cab, instead of their touting message.

Secondly, their definition of "work" is seriously flawed. If "work" means getting someone to read the message and then think "What a loser", then I suppose it does. For this advert to work, I would presume that someone would have to phone the number and pay for an advert. I nearly phoned them and said "What a loser", but I wouldn't have paid them to advertise for me.

Thirdly, the three exclamation marks just adds to the irritating tone of smugness, which seems to say "Aha! Caught you out on this one! Therefore give me your money!"


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25 April 2006