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SXSW: Social life

It's like the first week at uni being here. Everyone is really friendly, there's loads of parties, and I get to chat to people for hours at a time. It's just brilliant. I've met loads and loads of people. I went to two parties last night: the first was the Austin on Rails party, at which I met Scott Becker, who, like me, writes in C#, is a drummer, guitarist and singer, and is a little bit deaf too. He doesn't look like me though. We chatted about the problems of using Rails in a Microsoft shop, given that Rails doesn't work with IIS reliably yet, and guessed that it might we do before too long.

I went to the frog design party, which was really noisy, but I had a good chat with David Olimpio. I hadn't eaten, so I went off to find somewhere to eat, and came across "Tony's Southern Comfort Restaurant", which was completely empty, apart from a jazz / blues band. I ordered what I thought was a traditional Texan meal: catfish, fried okra and corn bread, and it was delicious. The band (led by Tim Curry) were really good, and unlike anything I've ever seen live before. I chatted with them during the interval, and they gave me three CDs (more free stuff!). It was a really mellow time.

This morning, while I was waiting for my cab, a lady called Julie saw my pass and asked to share a ride. She's a programme manager, currently working for BT, and she has to manage hardware people, programmers in Surrey and India, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm always impressed with people who can do that sort of thing, as I find it really hard.

Every time I mention George Bush, it induces a violent mood swing in the person I'm talking to, followed by profanities, and lots of frowning. One (otherwise bright) American I spoke to didn't know that the UK comprised England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, instead assuming that Wales was part of England (no comments from Welshmen please).

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12 March 2006