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SXSW: Quick update

I'm just going to get this all down before I go and see Craig and his list...

Yesterday in the free beer queue, I met Wright Sullivan, who runs a factory automation company in South Carolina. He was as surprised as I was to meet someone at SxSW who knew what a PLC was. He uses all the major SCADA packages, and uses FactoryLink for doing fuel systems for the navy. (Wright, if you read this, Mike's OPC site that I was telling you about is at We hung out for the evening, and went to the web awards (which weren't really my thing), and a couple of parties. Loads of free food and drinks. I asked for a glass of red wine at a bar, and was given a small bottle. No glass. So, I drank red wine from the bottle. I got another free book at the blogads party.

I wore my gaping void t-shirt yesterday, and Kathy Sierra stopped me as she recognised it - it had the same quote on it that she used in her session yesterday. (I mention this to make Hugh proud.)

Dave Seah sat next to me in one of the seminars this morning. I'd heard of him before, as I read one of his blog post about how he's often mistaken for Dave Shea. He said he'd prefer to be known for something he is, rather than someone he's not, which is fair enough.

Anyway, I'm having an amazing time, so thanks very much to Lee, Ian, Amy and Geek Dinner London for getting me here.

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13 March 2006