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SXSW - I've arrived

As I'm here for free, and there's a couple of people who've asked me to, I'm going to blog as much as I can about South by South West.

The travelling was hard work. The first flight (Gatwick to Atlanta) was fine. I had to wait 6 hours in Atlanta, which I was dreading, as I thought it was underwater. It wasn't, so I guess they've drained it. It was only supposed to be a 5 hour wait, but we had to let Air Force One jump the queue. I got to see it take off from my seat, which was vaguely interesting. It's just like a normal plane, but with the stars and stripes on the tail. They've done a good job rebuilding it since it was shot down in 24.

I've broken some personal bests. In one day, I've been the furthest north, the furthest south, and the furthest from home that I've ever been.

There hasn't been much going on yet today. I've registered, and received a nice canvas bag full of flyers and magazines and stuff. I've used several of the Hilton's facilities, which is great, as I'm not even staying there. I'm staying in the "Best Value" on Interstate 35, which is good on value, but not so good on best. Still, it's all I need - bed (2 in fact - I might sleep in the other one tonight), TV (57 channels and nothing on), and breakfast.

America is such a foreign country. Nobody understands my accent first time, so I'm putting on an American accent to make myself understood: "water" becomes "warder", "coffee" becomes "cwaffee" etc. Everything is similar but slightly different. This keyboard has the @ where the " should be. I've had to ask how much to tip the taxi cab driver, and I'm going to have to ask about crossing the road.

Anyway, more to follow when I've actually been to something...

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10 March 2006