Simon Harriyott

Fourth Sussex geek dinner

Just got back from the geek dinner. I met Sven Latham, founder of Blogwise, which was really interesting. He was saying that having Google Adsense on the site pretty much pays for the site, which got me thinking about the role Adsense is playing in software development.

Google's terms and conditions forbid (and I paraphrase) encouraging people to click on links to boost funds. Nobody actually wants adverts on their site, as far as the cosmetics or usability is concerned, so the only reason to host Adsense is to boost funds. Therefore, simply hosting Adsense can be considered an encouragement to boost funds.

Having come to that conclusion, if there's a useful website or interesting blog that has Adsense, then why not "support" them by clicking on an advert or two, just every now and again? In essense, there isn't much difference between encouraging "false" clicks on one's own site, and "false" clicking on someone else's.
5 January 2006