Simon Harriyott

Google can spell my name!

Wow. I've always been impressed with Google, but now, even more so. Google can spell Harriyott.

It's hard to spell in a different way to long Czech names with lots of Ks and Zs, because Harriyott is easy to read, and is instantly pronouncable. Very few people remember both the I and the Y, as no words in English have an I followed by a Y. Nobody has ever guessed how it's spelt first time, and loads of people can't even get it right whilst I'm spelling it out to them: once they've got to the double R, they rush on ahead.

Sure, it's a real pain on the phone, but any Harriyott found on the internet is either me, or directly related to me. My son and my brother are the last in the line; if they don't produce sons, then no more Harriyotts.

I had no trouble buying I've read a few blog posts recently from people with common popular surnames who have huge trouble to get on the first page of Google. I also read that Seth Godin doesn't have that problem.

OK, so it takes up more time, but I prefer it to a simpler name.
17 October 2005