Simon Harriyott

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper day the second

There's another DDD planned for 22nd October at Microsoft in Reading. The last one was really good, so I intend to go again, even though I've got a gig in the evening.

I feel like a proper blogger at last, as I've just seen the announcement on Craig's site, and I'm blogging it before it made it onto the official site. Jonathan, who did the site for the last one, is probably really busy selling unwanted fondue sets on ebay, so I sneaked in while I had the chance.

They're asking for speakers, which I secretly quite fancy doing, but I don't know enough about anything in particular, so I'm not going to volunteer. Talking to a load of geeks who are much cleverer than me about things I know only a little about sounds like a great way to get blogged about though :-/

Helen, sorry again I gave you no warning about the last one, so here's plenty of notice for the next one.
17 July 2005