Simon Harriyott

Lawrence Mudford is blogging

My good friend Lawrence, a top dentist has started blogging. When I say top dentist, I mean top dentist. He's a fellowship examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons, and a board member of the Faculty. He's got a calming chair-side manner, and a gift of explaining what's about to happen to one's mouth.

I set up a website for him a few months ago, introduced him to blogging, and added his blog to the site. Kind of like what Hugh Macleod did for Thomas Mahon, the blogging tailor.

Lawrence has told me a little bit his future posts, and I'm expecting some insights into the more specialised procedures, and maybe even some details of the Faculty.

[note: The blogger spell-checker suggested Mudford should be Mouthpart]
20 April 2005