Simon Harriyott

The Joel test

I did the Joel test while at my last job, and the company scored 2 out of 12. When I changed jobs, I counted 5 in the team I'm in, and having added a build machine, it is now 6. I think getting to 8 might be quite straightforward, but the last four range from hard to almost entirely impractical.

The Glassmatix software is shipped monthly on a CD, along with the latest valuation data. The process of collecting the data is very complex, and has many manual stages involving many people. The CD is prepared outside of the software team, and so we'll not pass test 2 for a while.

Our rural development offices are in a converted saw mill, and an adjacent converted barn. The view from my window is fantastic:

Being in rural Crowborough, the choice of office space is rather limited. We've got a room per team, but we'll never have separate offices like Joel's.

As for the "best tools that money can buy", I've got two monitors

and Paint Shop Pro, but compile times could be better. Actually, they don't make me grumpy, so I think I might count it. Final score of 7. I wonder how my colleagues would score it.

6 April 2005